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-Dear Friends, Followers, and Peers:

I have been teaching this SmartPhone Photography training Workshop for the last 4 years in both private workshops and institutions like the Miami Ad School (Both Miami and New York) and the Miami Institute of Photography, as well as individual training (tutoring) and Corporate training for companies that need their own teams to create meaningful visual content for their own needs.
The basic premise is that most people still believe the images from iPhones and other smartphones are sub-par, meaning, lower quality than those of a “normal” good camera, but the real reason for this to happen is that the immediate and inexpensive availability of a camera in your pocket -at all times- has pushed every single person into a photographer -or so they believe- BUT the reason for the bad or so-so images is NOT the smartphone’s camera, but the operator, the person taking the pictures, who knows little or nothing about how to take good photos.

A simple example for comparison purposes is the following: If you ever had to undergo surgery, I am sure you never asked your surgeon about the brand of knives and other tools he used to operate on you. You were relying on his/her professional training, reputation and recommendations the surgeon has received for doing great surgeries like the one you needed! The irony here is that most people, contrary to logic, think that the better the camera, the better the images, no matter who is shooting….
You can never imagine how many times people still ask me what camera I use when they see my work, and I tell them the truth: mi images come from several sources, from smartphones to pocket, disposable toy cameras, to film cameras and eventually, DSLR “professional” cameras, PLUS all the lighting experience accumulated through the years and properly directing people for my photos.

Well, it is under this premise that I realized many people need training for the smartphone they are using every day. The workshop, -in person- is a 3-hour training, and I am still testing in terms of how to make it less tiring to people attending online, but in the end, those I have already done, have gone past the 2,5 hours planned schedule, with the participants all excited about their newly acquired skills, so I suggest that you consider keeping one morning, or afternoon set aside to do it, say, for example, 10 am to 1 PM or so.

The cool thing about this training is that I explain most of the photographic concepts that will eventually help you -big time- the moment you get a bigger camera, so your skills will improve, no matter what tool you are using to take pictures.
We also get into video, now that video will be even more relevant!

I also review principles of composition, lighting, how to use color, textures, lines, patterns, etc, all in addition to explaining a whole bunch of amazing features the Smartphones have that most users don’t even know about.
Last but not least, I will explain, and we practice directly with your own images, how to edit and improve the pictures in your own phone, with all the tools available, for free, to make your images even better, after you took them.
Sometimes, a cool picture was taken in not the best of circumstances and those need adjusting, and this is when people open up their creativity to play with their pics and almost totally forget using those ugly filters provided by apps like Instagram, etc, which is what most people use to “hide" the defects of an image, instead of correcting them before posting. The training includes dozens of example images to showcase the points discussed, and I have found that most, if not all of my participants, leave the training ready to shoot!
I also like to customize the training, depending on what people need, based on what will you use your photos for. Some people go more towards portraits, others need architecture, others need landscape, and of course, all travelers need travel tips!

Just recently, one of the workshop participants had to photograph his client’s products (purses) in their kiosk on a trade show. We did 2 hours of private tutoring, one week after the basic SmartPhone level1training, and he just sent me his new pictures and I was just amazed at the top quality he achieved!
We are setting up more online tutoring now since he knows he can still do better!

So please, send me a brief note about what will you use your images for and I see if there is a need to customize your training. The logistics are simple: We just arrange for the training (and remember, we are all flexible at this point, given the “extra” time at home, so, once we are connected, the magic will begin. I will run a presentation, similar to the one I make in person, and the training flows from there. The standard training lasts for 3 hours. It is intensive yet highly participatory, so each participant will be guided, step by step towards their new level of visual quality.
And of course, I will be readily available if you need some quick tips, any time later! Below are my website and my phone number, so we can also talk/text anytime.

Keep me posted about this and meantime, stay healthy!!

Ph: 786.222.9405 Published by Jorge Parra
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